Wednesday 29 August 2007

Sharepoint 2007 Content Type Templates Suck

One big issue I found out today RE: MOSS 2007 is that there is only ONE template per content type. I think this is a serious limitation - and prevents us from moving word templates into Sharepoint. In particular, we really would like the content type of "Fax" to be able to have 3 different templates when you create a new document in Sharepoint. e.g. end user fax, business-to-business fax and legal fax templates. There would of course be a default template per content type so you don't have to choose every time if you don't want to.


Elaine said...

David I am trying to source a Sharepoint 'guru' on the Sunshine Coast - can you help??

Andrew Hart said...

David, Does this limitation still hold true for SharePoint 2010? I came accross a post somewhere, which I can no longer locate that I thought implied that I could select a template when doing New, all subsequent searches have come up blank. I think it must have just been wishful thinking on my part.

Ian James B said...

This is why you should create hierarchical content types, create a 'fax' content type and have three content types that inherit from 'fax' and associate each template with the subordinate content types