Monday 20 August 2007

A list of Heidi's First Words... how cute!

To pre-emptively settle any disputes with my gorgeous wife in advance, I have recorded a list of all of Heidi's first words. Her fist swear-word is below too!.... Here we go:

  1. Baba (Mandarin for "Daddy") - for official record - this was her first word (Yes!!! Daddy IS clearly the favourite.)
  2. Gaga (Anything that has fur including fur coats, teddy bears or any miscellaneous small animals)
  3. Bapthf (as in I want to have a Bath)
  4. Mama (especially when bawling her eyes out)
  5. Hi (but she only says it when she is holding a phone!)
  6. Feigee (Mandarin for "Plane") - but Heidi uses it for any kind of airborne vehicle.
  7. Deeal! - From watching too much of the gameshow "Deal or No Deal" on Channel 7.
  8. Rubbish (she stopped saying this one for some reason)
  9. Baye ("Bye") - said whilst waving vigorously
  10. Cya Daddy
  11. Bugger - for amusement's sake we got her to say this one. It was a long haul but we got there in the end. Heidi doesn't know what this means - it is just a combination of Baba and Gaga - ie "BaGa"
  12. Grandba (aka Grandpa)
  13. Oh-oh - whenever Heidi drops anything or simply throws things on the ground in anger, this gem comes out of her mouth.
  14. Flowers (new as of today)
  15. Weena (new as of today)
  16. Tankchoo (Thankyou)
  17. SeeeDeee (CD)
  18. Chooos (Shoes)
  19. Keys
  20. Eiidee (Heidi)
  21. Lights
  22. Bayybee (pointing at other kids - she doesn't see herself as a baby anymore!)
  23. Whygoong (Mandarin for grandpa)
  24. JiuJiu (Mandarin for Uncle)
  25. Hat
  26. Juice
  27. Apfl (Apple)
  28. ABC
  29. Car

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