Wednesday 3 February 2010

SharePoint 2007 - "The trial period for this product has expired." Error message when Editing Page Content or viewing InfoPath Forms

If you get exception when Editing SharePoint objects or opening up Infopath Forms like the one shown below:

The trial period for this product has expired.

It was not caused by the other 101 things detailed on the web that can also cause the issue (e.g. Antivirus, Permissions problems with DCOM - such as detailed here

I'm so used to spurious and misleading errors in SharePoint that the most obvious answer was the last I considered - it may be that the original installer didn't enter an Enterprise Product key during the install process (unbeknownst to you). Before you go trying all the other options, you should check your current license status by going to:

Central Administration -> Operations -> Convert License Type

This will tell you your current license status and allow you to enter your relevant license key (Enterprise or Standard).

In addition to what is mentioned here(, you also have to do an iisreset to get the error to disappear.



Unknown said...

I am gettin the same error when I try to create a new web site in the root site of SharePoint. My project is a custom workflow using Visual studio 2008 and on course of the workflow, I have a code activity for creating a new website dynamically. While debugging, wen the execution reaches the particular statement where m creatin the website, it shows this error "the trail period for this product has expired". and jumps out of the workflow.

Kindly help



Janessa's Dad said...

And what do you do when SharePoint Central Admin says you already have a valid product key entered; refuses to let you re-enter the key, and yet the error remains? You need to run the MS hotfix on all your WFEs: At least that was my solution after a frustrating three hours of troubleshooting.

Unknown said...

Hi... I wanted to ask if there was a way to implement more than one instantiation form in a workflow...