Wednesday 2 December 2009

"The service implementation selected is invalid." when attempting to create a web service in SAP Netweaver Developer Studio

I'm currently trying to get the SAP universal worklist APIs to provide information to SharePoint via a web service (to ensure there is only a single task list for users to see). To this end, I needed to create a web service hosted on the SAP BPM server.

When attempting to create a Java Web service (e.g. a bottom up service, based on a java bean service implementation) in Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS), you might receive the following cryptic error message:

"The service implementation selected is invalid."

It is as clear as mud - but the issue here is that the class name of the service implementation is lower case. To resolve the issue, just refactor the class with a right click on the offending java file and change the first letter to upper case. Quite painful if you ask me - they really need a better explanation than that in their user interface!

Fix it with a refactor:


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