Thursday 17 December 2009

CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT:XSLT exception.System expected element 'MyTableName' SOAP Fault when calling a SAP BAPI remotely via Web Service

If you receive the following error when calling a BAPI in SAP (e.g. from a .NET WCF client or using SOAPUI):

CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT:XSLT exception.System expected element 'MyTableName'

Then you have not initialized your variables correctly. In SOAPUI (, you cannot remove the elements even though instances are marked as "Zero or many". Instead, you have to pad it with empty elements. You cannot have zero elements in the table (even though the XSD seemingly permits it) otherwise the SAP Web service will spit the dummy.

By the same token, you must initialize all your arrays/lists in .NET:

CostObjectSearchService.Z_Bapi_Cost_Object_FindClient client = new CostObjectSearchService.Z_Bapi_Cost_Object_FindClient();
CostObjectSearchService.ZBapiCostObjectFind request = new CostObjectSearchService.ZBapiCostObjectFind();

request.ICompanyCode = "2000";
request.ISpendType = "P";
request.ICostObject = costObjectMatchString;

//Return Object initialization (for Asset, Cost Centre or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
// - otherwise returns error from SAP Web Service
// XSLT CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT:XSLT exception.System expected element 'MyTableName'
request.TTypeAAsset = new CostObjectSearchService.Zfanla[0];
request.TTypeOkhCostCentre = new CostObjectSearchService.Zfcsks[0];
request.TTypePWbs = new CostObjectSearchService.Zfprps[0];
CostObjectSearchService.ZBapiCostObjectFindResponse response = client.ZBapiCostObjectFind(request);

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Wolf en Arthur said...

Hi, I currently have this error message for a call from ABAP to an external service via PI.

I'm a bit uncertain, is it in PI that something needs to be initialized? Or in ABAP?