Wednesday 30 April 2008

Microsoft Live Mesh - Device Sharing On Steroids & How to get an Invite

Live Mesh is a new SAAS (Software as a Service) platform from Microsoft that allows you to effectively have a shared drive on the web. This is similar to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) or the GMail Drive Shell Extension. But it is much more than just a file share for the web that can be shared between different machines and different users... you can also connect to your PCs in the mesh via remote desktop - and you can connect different types of devices to it. The official site is

To be involved in the tech preview, you can register via MS Connect ( OR you can just go to this site to find some one who can give you an invite to this new service - For a brief rundown on what this tech preview of Live Mesh provides, see this review:

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Unknown said...

The challenge is finding out how does it differ from SkyDrive