Wednesday 9 April 2008

Virtual Earth is not the only kid on the Intranet Block anymore - Google Maps API Premier Announced

Until now, the Google License has prohibited developers from using Google maps for intranet web sites -
"The Maps API is not available for use within enterprise or intranet applications. "

Virtual Earth was the only available alternative for intranet apps. Until now.

Google recently released the new Google Maps API Premier , which allows companies to add Google Maps to their own website.

See the following:

"When Google Maps plays an important role on your public website, or is incorporated in an internal application for your employees, organizations need an enterprise-class application that handles high volumes and provides necessary support."

In terms of price, the Google Maps API Premier starts from $10K USD a year (based on the number of users). Virtual Earth has starts with Basic Platform Access (Incl. 200K transactions, 50 Users, 2 support incidents) for $4K USD per annum (I am unable to disclose their full pricing structure pending approval from Clint McCarthy at Microsoft).

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