Saturday 1 June 2013

DDK's Trip to Singapore and Malaysia 2013 - "The All-You-Can-Eat Chilli Crab and Stingray Event"

We just returned from our trip to Singapore and Malaysia after a particularly long and arduous flight back. There wasn't time for rest at all and we spent most of the time on our feet! Some of the more memorable events of the trip:
  1. Swimming on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel ("aka The Sands SkyPark") in their Infinity Pool - 59 Levels above the city. The feeling of floating above the city was a little disorienting at first. The spa also had spectacular views out to the 100+ ships at sea off the coast of Singapore.

  2. The light shows at Gardens By the Bay were quite spectacular (i.e. the kids loved it!).

  3. Visiting The Sentosa Island (Singapore) Adventure Cove Water Park - which has a river run that takes you around the park and through tanks of Stingrays and Sharks along the way. The obstacle course, the snorkel pools and wave park were also quite good value for the kids.

  4. Getting hungry after that and eating some Stingrays in the food market in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
  5. Zach being sick on the floor of KL airport twice just before boarding closed - and then having the 300 people on the plane wait for a quarantine inspector at Sydney Airport so they could inspect him for avian flu.
  6. Trying some real Singapore Chilli crab and "Monster Fish" - one of the spiciest fish dishes I've ever had (and I lather tabasco on most meals normally). Kids were also impressed with my ability to suck out fish eyeballs - what a delicacy! The sweet Coffee Tapioca (covered in Coconut) and Taro breakfast treats were also an excellent start to a day on the road.
  7. Walking up the 272 steps of the Batu Caves and seeing the massive Gold Murugan Statue at the base of the steps. The light filtering through the roof of the caves creates a wonderfully magical atmosphere when standing inside.

  8. Singapore Slings @ Raffles Hotel that gave Lisa a big hangover that she is still recovering from!

  9. Going up the Petronas Towers - towering 452 metres above Kuala Lumpur.
  10. Heidi going on the Genting Highlands Horror ride in Malaysia. She said it was "so boring" at the start and was crying by the end of it. Zach loved the whole ride and wanted to shoot more werewolves and zombies by the end of it. This distracted him from the fact that he had just received a massive bump in the middle of his forehead that (even after copious amounts of ice) made him look like a mini-unicorn.
  11. The crazy bathrooms in the Star Hill Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur - all made of piled slate. There was a man who would pump an old waterwheel when you needed to wash your hands. A bit creepy I have to say. Zach got a fright and insisted that the man only had one arm. Crrreeeeepy!

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