Tuesday 18 October 2011

SharePoint 2010 - My jQuery Scripts are Broken on the Publishing Portal Thumbnails.aspx Page. All other pages are fine.

I've had this problem many times in ASP.NET but never in SharePoint 2010. Today, one of our jQuery script implementations was failing on just a couple of the SharePoint pages - in particular the Publishing Portal Thumbnails Page.

All the jQuery objects were returning null values even though it worked for all the pages in the SharePoint site. The problem is back to that golden oldie of the jQuery object shortcut of $ conflicting with the Microsoft AJAX framework. Both frameworks use the $ as an object shortcut and so this causes problems. I almost felt nostalgic getting this exception :o).

Why does it only happen on a couple of pages in SharePoint 2010? They are the only ones which have script references to the MS AJAX javascript libraries.

There are ways around this using aliases (via the jQuery.noConflict() command) - but the simplest way is to just use jQuery as a best practice when working within SharePoint 2010 -  with a find and replace of "$(" with "jQuery(" as needed. This fixed the problem.

Too easy!


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