Tuesday 14 December 2010

Entity Framework "4.5" coming out in Q1 2011 as a Feature Pack/Update

The Community Tech Preview 5 (CTP5) of the Entity Framework Feature update (aka EF 4.5 - name to be confirmed) was just released for download last week according to the ADO.NET team blog - see  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2010/12/06/ef-feature-ctp5-released.aspx

This has facilities to create databases based on:
  1. A "Code First" approach where the code defines the model, which in turn can generate the database for you. This involves the ability to define your model using the "Fluent API" rather than an entity diagram.
  2. A "Model First" approach where the normal edmx EF Designer is used to create the Model and the database can be generated from that.
I will be also looking forward to any performance improvements the guys at MS are going to incorporate into the RTM build.


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