Tuesday 13 April 2010

Zach Klein's First Words (drum roll...)

So that my son Zach doesn't feel left out, I've compiled a list of Zachy's first words (at 18 months old) with a brief explanation for each for future reference (and mockery at his 21st!):
  1. Baba/Daddy (Mandarin for daddy. Again I was successful in conquering the first word department, same as with my daugter Heidi!)
  2. Maaa/Mama (Mandarin for mummy)
  3. She She (Mandarin for Thankyou - he is a very polite young man (sometimes), and says this withought fail if you give him his milk)
  4. No, No, No (while vigorously shaking his head)
  5. Fower (Zach's version of "flower")
  6. My, My, My, My (Yes - Just like the mindless flock of seagulls in the movie "Finding Nemo". Typically said 4 times)
  7. Mesh (Mess. He says this a lot)
  8. Thee Thaw (see-saw - whenever he sits on your stomach, he moves backwards and forwards to indicate he wants you to move like a see-saw)
  9. Allo - (when he manages to get hold of a phone and randomly change our Phone address books, or if he is asking for a phone, he'll point at the phone and say this). Typically followed by "Bye" as soon as he closes the phone.
  10. Oh Baobei (Mandarin for "precious" - Lisa and I says this too him a lot, but I believe he's talking about himself when he is crying and keeps saying "Oh Baobei!, Oh Baobei!". I suppose he has a good ego to think that well of himself! 
  11. Nai Nai ("Good night", typically followed by shaking of head, crying and No Nai Nai!)
  12. Dish (Indicating he wants some)
  13. Uh Oh (He says this too many times for my liking)
  14. Dadyoo (Thankyou)
  15. Taa (Thanks)
  16. Deal (Technically he doesn't say it but he understands it and does the crossed hands motion same as the TV show "Deal or No Deal" when you say this word!)
  17. Upf (Up - when he wants you to cuddle him)
  18. Off (Off - when he wants to get out of bed)
  19. Out
  20. Tree (he passes trees every morning on the way to kindergarten)
  21. Gaga (same as Heidi, for small birds only)
  22. Aydee (for his sister Heidi)
  23. jiějiě (Mandarin for older sister, when talking about Heidi)
  24. Din Din (Mandarin for light - for when he wants it turned on or off. He also loves to play with lights and power switches and uses this word when he's up to mischief)
  25. Meelk, Meelk, Oh Oh Oh (Milk)
  26. Dee Dee (When he wants his milk from the Microwave)
  27. Bubool (Bubble)
  28. Nana (Banana)
  29. Apple
  30. Book
  31. Knock Knock (Accompanied by a knocking action on his own chest or the nearest table).
  32. Ganbei (Cheers - accompanied with )
  33. All Gong (when finished his dinner)
  34. More (and No More)
  35. Go
  36. Shoo
  37. Baff (Bath)
  38. Choo Choo
  39. Wee Wee
  40. Poh (Poo)
  41. Weeeee (When going down slides or sliding down our legs)
  42. Yum
  43. Yuk
  44. Erduo (Ear - when he want Lisa to clean his ears out - he finds this very soothing)

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