Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Where to find the SAP Universal Worklist (UWL) API jar files (bc.uwl.service.api_api.jar, bc.uwl.service.api_core.jar, com.sap.security.api.jar)

Apparently with Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS) 7.0, the UWL API files for accessing the Universal Worklist in SAP were included with the install. However, in NWDS 7.1, it appears that the following files are no longer included:

  • bc.uwl.service.api_api.jar
  • bc.uwl.service.api_core.jar
  • com.sap.security.api.jar

To obtain these files, you need to go to the SAP patches site at http://service.sap.com/patches.

Then navigate to:

"Support Packages and Patches - Entry by Application Group" ->
"SAP Netweaver" ->
"SAP Netweaver" (yes the same menu item twice) ->
"Entry by Component" ->
"BPM Portal Integration" ->
Download one of the patch files e.g. UWLJWF03_0-20002656.SCA

Then once downloaded, you can just import the SCA file into your project through Netweaver Developer studio or you can rename the file to a zip and extract the jar files you need.

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