Saturday 14 March 2009

Windows Workflow Replicator Tasks & The SharePoint 2007 SDK (version 1.4 - August 2008) still doesn't install the ECM Activities into the GAC for you

I'm currently working on an application that creates multiple SharePoint tasks (based on a contact list) as part of a SharePoint workflow. Once all the tasks are completed, the workflow can continue. I recalled that I went through the Contact Replicator sample in the SharePoint 2007 SDK around a year ago and knew that would help me in my endeavours.

However, None of the SDK sample projects compile off the bat. I remember having this issue about a year ago. Again today, I just installed the latest MOSS 2007 SDK (updated August 2008) to find the missing ECM dll issue (or annoyance) is still there. The problems is that none of the sample projects in the SDK will compile until you've:
  1. Built the solution (and allowed Visual Studio 2008 to convert it automatically from 2005 format if neccessary)
  2. Installed the compiled the ECM Acitivty Library Dll and copied it into the gac (copying it into "C:\Windows\assembly" via Windows Explorer or using

    gacutil /i "C:\Program Files\2007 Office System Developer Resources\Samples\Workflow\ECMActivities\bin\Debug\Microsoft.Office.Samples.ECM.Activities.dll"

  3. Close and Reopen any sample projects you had open in Visual Studio.
Seeing as the SDK has a full blown installer, I had hoped the good folks in the the MOSS team would have fixed this problem - but I will have to continue living in hope.

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