Saturday 1 March 2008

Fix for Subversion problem: Error - Checksum Mismatch for 'FileName' expected 'XXXXX-XXXX' actual 'XXXX-XXXX'

I got this error today when my client relocated our subversion repository to Atlanta...I don't really need to go into how much I dislike subversion. Naturally, things like this wouldn't happen with MS Team Foundation Server (TFS)! :o)

When I got the problem, deleting the files mentioned in the error didn't work. This is because the problem actually lies in the "entries" file in the hidden .svn or _svn directories. So you can either:
  1. Blow away the bad svn folder by deleting it in your working copy and do an update. If all your folders have the issue, the simplest way is to recursively delete all svn folders (See
    and rename the folder. Then do an SVN update and do a folder compare with a tool like the stellar Araxis Merge ( to check all changes are in or need to be reapplied.

  2. (OR if you have local changes), follow the post below:

    I discovered an alternate solution to the checksum mismatch problem.
    If we say the problem is in _templates.php, then you need to edit the ‘entries’ file in the .svn folder of that file.

    This file could look like this:


    From ‘entries’ you need to delete from the line _templates.php down to the line before gamingzone.php. Save, rename _templates.php and do svn update, and everything should be fine again.

    Hope this helps someone.


Orion said...

It did help a lot. Thanks !

bunwich said...

Good stuff. Worked for me.

microraptor said...

Tried a number of proposed solutions without success. This one worked. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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dvdplm said...

Tried this and many other solutions. Nothing worked. On a whim I upgraded subversion from 1.4.2 to 1.6.6. Fixed it!

cheesegrits said...

Thanks! I tried the usual 'copy the text-base files from a fresh checkout' to no avail. This trick worked like a charm.

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Thanks so much!!! Figuring out exactly what to remove from the .entries file was a little confusing but once I deleted the correct lines it worked perfectly :o)