Tuesday 15 January 2008

MOSS - Getting items in a particular subfolder of a Picture Library via Sharepoint Web Service

[UPDATE 2007/01/16] - While this is a bug that Picture Libraries don't work properly within the normal Document Library web services, I believe that the Imaging Web service should be used for picture libraries rather the normal lists.asmx i.e.

An excellent chapter on this web service can be found in Sams Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed
[/UPDATE 2007/01/16]

It appears that you cannot filter a Picture Library by Folders using the QueryOptions parameter for .GetListItems(). I consider this to be a bug in the MOSS Web Service querying engine.

You can download a very handy tool from here to demonstrate the issue easily http://www.u2u.info/Blogs/karine/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?List=d35935e0%2D8c0e%2D4176%2Da7e8%2D2ee90b3c8e5a&ID=12

To reproduce the bug:

  1. Make a photo library with 2 subfolders
  2. Make a normal document library with 2 subfolders
  3. Adding several photos to this photo library
  4. Adding several photos to the document library
  5. Opening up the tool, right-clicking on your list and selecting "GetItems" from the context menu
  6. Go to the View Options tab and entering your document path (e.g. MyListName/MySubfolderName)
  7. You will get the whole list from the picture library regardless of this parameter..... BUG!
  8. Try the same thing on the document library - and the Folder option works as expected.

FIGURE: The filter not working properly on Photo Library (returns whole list including folders) when a subfolder is specified in the filter.

FIGURE: The filter working correctly on Document Library as expected (returns subset of data)

In particular, this CAML will not work on a Photo Library where my List Name is 'PhotoLibrary' and my subfolder is '1':

<Query />
<ViewFields />

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