Sunday 23 December 2007

IINet vs Exetel - is it worth going naked? Maybe not...

I currently use the ISP IInet using the 10GB Off Peak/10GB On Peak (ADSL 2+ light) package. However, I have heard a lot of buzz about the so called 'naked' plans available through IInet and other ISPs like Exetel. Up till now, I grudgingly needed a phone line just for ADSL. To me that was $30 bucks down the drain.... until now. The naked plans don't require line rental at all!

On the face of it, I prefer the IInet deal over Exetel for my situation because:
  1. IInet have been a great provider so far and there are some rumours about Exetel having a less than stellar approach to customer service.
  2. I already have a Belkin router (F1PI241ENau - and have heard that they don't play well with the Exetel service. I don't want to fork out $200 for a new modem that works with the Exetel naked service.
  3. You get an incoming number as part of the IItalk service. Apparently you have to pay $10 extra to add this functionality with Exetel.
  4. Even though uploads are counted as part of your bandwidth allowance (Exetel doesn't charge for this), I don't upload that much ( about 1GB per month ).
  5. I don't really care about having a static IP (this is what Exetel provides).
  6. P2P are shaped (according to official announcements) on the Exetel network (see )
  7. No excess usage charges (just shaped) - wheras Exetel charges $3 per GB.

However, after considering some of the drawbacks (e.g. measured uploads including voice), I am staying put for now to see where the new naked DSL market heads.

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